Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day Three

I won't keep up this day one, two three stuff as titles much longer. I'll probably keep it going for a week, then try and come up with some kind of a catchy phrase...and I won't feel the need to blog each and every night. We made it through day three tho. My little lettuce wraps were actually pretty good. My Special K bars were good too.........but they are SO darn small!!!!! For my chocolate fix tonight I made sugar free chocolate pudding with skim milk and then topped it off with fat free cool whip. It's amazing when you are 72 hours chocolate deprived how good that can taste! I am really starting to realize how many calories goes into everything. Obviously, all the foods I like are huge in calories. I noticed even those little bitsy tiny Special K bars I was talking about are 80 calories each. My gosh!!! My little tubs of yogurt are 80 calories each. Each slice of cheese is 80 calories!! That is why I just cut one in half for my lettuce wraps. Salad dressing is something like 20 calories per tablespoon. All these little 80 calories here and 90 calories there really add up. I know that I have cut my calories down significantly, but I am sure there is much more I can do. Well, day three down. I'll just keep taking it one day and one pound at a time. :)

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