Monday, January 14, 2008

Day ONE----The fight against LARD begins

January 14, 2008.
Today was D in DIET day. It's a day I've begun a million other times. This time I MUST do it. Yesterday was my 48th birthday. FORTY EIGHT YEARS old. When in the heck did I get so old? I don't want to be old and fat. Both are controllable factors. Both are head games. I always win head games, so I am on a mission to win this one. This is the new twist on my diet. I will write about it. If it is out there for everyone to see, then perhaps I will be more accountable. I have friends that are joining me in this journey. I have my husband that is willing to join in too. With all that support I have no reason to fail. My first goal: Lose 25 pounds by Spring Break. I realize that twenty pounds is more realistic, but I will be happy with anything between 20-25 pounds. I will find a way to reward myself along the way....with anything BUT food. I already have a few things in mind: an MP3 player, a new fancy phone, regular pedicures, new shoes..........(list to be continued). I think blogging, having two very very good friends and the besthusbandintheworld in on this will make it SO much better. When I got home from school tonight it was about 25 degrees. I was already trying to talk myself out of exercising. I kept telling myself the hardest part was just beginning. Finally I said aloud, "Ike, you want to go on a walk?" Anyone that has ever seen the euphoria of a puppy that gets asked to go on a walk knows there is no turning back then. Ike was happy hoppy all over the place. He got his leash and was going crazy waiting on me to get my shoes on. I finally bundled up and off we went. I was right. Once out there, it was great...... Ike and me and the great frozen tundra. We walked quite a ways for our first night. Now I need to do it all over again tomorrow. I did not weigh today. I have no idea what my 'starting weight' is. I am almost strike that...I AM scared to know. It would be enough to send me to the biggest batch of chocolate I could find! I probably need a cattle scale to weigh me anyway. So, at some point I will weigh...just not yet. Oh yeah, one more thing: Today when I got home from school I turned the TV on and Oprah was on. I rarely get home and Oprah is still on. If I do, I am ususally too busy to watch. But today's program was about beginning a diet program. I figured that was God's way of telling me to get with it and JUST DO IT. I plan to be Great in'08 too. So that is how my first day the battle against LARD.

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