Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taylor Clancy Lucas

Happy Birthday Taylor. Twenty four years ago today Taylor made her debut into this world. She was due on December 18th. Because of previous complications, the doctors had done several scans and tests and all due dates came back to December 18th. Note today's date: January 3rd. Yep, Taylor waited FOREVER to make her way into this world. That is pretty much the same personality that Taylor still has today. She takes her time about everything. She is slow and methodical. She never, and I mean NEVER gets into a hurry about anything. She wouldn't have even arrived on January 3rd if they had not induced labor!!! Taylor loves animals more than anyone I know. She has a huge compasionate heart and cannot stand to see people or animals mistreated in any way shape or form. Taylor loves the underdog. She is the personal cheerleader for anyone or thing that is thought of as second-rate or unworthy. Taylor is one of the smartest people I know. Brain-wise. Her common sense.........????............hmmmm...sometimes that leaves a little to be desired!!! Taylor loves facts. She remembers facts. She recites facts. She lives to 'out-fact' me. Taylor understands numbers. What I find frustrating, she accomplishes easily when it comes to anything to do with math. Unlike most math minds, she also is an accomplished writer. She has won several awards at state level for her writing. Taylor can do most anything she sets her mind to do. IF she sets her mind to do it. But like I said, Taylor has her own time and that is slow and easy. :)' . Taylor is the middle child of our family and every bit the middle child mold. She has answered to many names growing up from Tots, Totsy, Tater Tot, Clancy, to Taylor Clancy Car (for whatever reason she called herself this!!). Taylor is has the dark complexion of the family and beautiful coloring. She is extremely pretty. She is left-handed and I like to say this explains her 'quirks.' She is quick to point out that a large number of presidents or those that ran for president are also Southpaws. (Another one of her facts. She can quote all the above by name!) When Taylor (finally!!!) arrived that meant that our oldest, Fielding, had two little sisters and he was not yet three!! Fielding loved to call Taylor 'happy face' when she was a baby because she was always so happy. Others called her "Me Too" because she had a (BAD) habit of saying that everytime her (year) older sister Annie would say anything!! When Taylor was little she talked with what we like to say was a "Boston" accent because she could not quite pronounce her words correctly! It is hard for me to believe that my third child is now 24. Where has time gone? Happy Birthday Taylor. May you continue to flourish in this world. We love you SO.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Lists... So much to do before school starts again on Monday. In my effort to get super organized there seems to be a never ending list of things to do. >Clean the icebox >Get the Christmas boxes put into storage > Get all the sheets washed and bedrooms cleaned >FINISH THE GARAGE (where all the items that all SEVEN of us don't know what to do with end up)>Cook birthday dinner for two of my children>Upload all new pics>Get ready to teach on Monday morning.........and the list goes on.....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Another year. Another chance to start afresh. Another chance to "fix things".
What do I want for the new year?
After last year I hope things are less stressful--emotionally, financially, physically, and psychologically.
A little recap of 2008: We endured the ice storm and no power and the coldest weather ever. Ever. We began to look for jobs back in Oklahoma. On the day before Hubb's Big Interview we once again were encased in snow. Hubbs had to call the place where he was to interview and explain that there was no getting out of our driveway, much less out of town. (That always looks good to potential employers!)
Nevertheless, we did both find jobs. At the same place. MAJOR prayer answered.
We watched the last of our five children graduate from high school. That was tough emotionally. Not only to watch Luke graduate, but knowing that so many chapters of our lives were closing; but also so many new chapters were beginning.
We found a wonderful--although so much smaller house---in a nice town in Oklahoma. We began to pack up. .............We began to pack up 17 years, 5 children, one packrat (me), and our four-story house. That was SO emotionally, physically and financially hard.
We left everyone our children had known and grown up with behind and headed south 300+ miles. We did it to be around family. We did what we really needed to do.
There were just SO many intangibles that go with uprooting.
We began our new jobs and our new lives.
We are happy here. We are still adjusting.
What does 2009 hold for us? (Besides recovering!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????)
We shall see. :)