Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LOVE isn't in the's in the staying there..

You know you have been married a long time when.................. you and your mate buy the same exact card for each other.......AND it wasn't even a Valentine's card!!! Or you know you are positively, absolutely, definitively SOUL MATES. It happened to Tim and me on Valentines. We both bought this (pictured on blog) card for each other. And the weirdest part is, that the card is not even a Valentine's Day card and it was not in the Valentine section. I bought mine about two or three weeks before Valentines and saved it. Tim bought his Valentines afternoon. When we exchanged presents and cards that evening, we were both surprised---a little. We tend to think alike on most subjects. (Except he LOVES TV and I LOVE books.) We tend to have the same ideas, and many, many times we will say or write the same things to each other without knowing the other has already said or written that. PLUS, it was a GREAT card. If you look close enough you can read it. The card pictured is actually a THIRD card I went back to Hallmark to purchase, so I could put an unmarked one on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway the twin cards were better than the presents we exchanged....Just because the idea that we picked the very same card out of the hundreds and hundreds that are offered! How neat is that?????

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