Monday, February 25, 2008

So Let The Game Begin!!

My sister, pictured here, is in on the diet now. Quite by accident she has become my competition. She has agreed to go on TV and tell all of OKC (and its outreaches) about her weight and let them join in watching her lose. She and several others in OKC, who are in various stages of overweightness (new word) are being filmed by the local Channel 4. They are also being provided with a personal trainer five days per week. The film crew is going to follow them for as long as it takes, to watch them lose their weight. The day began with them filming my sister at her house and filming her pantry. My sister is a mover and a shaker in OKC. She knows everyone and everyone knows her. For her to do this in front of everyone is very very brave! Now the term 'mover and shaker' is going to take on a whole new meaning! I think she may also be blogging about her experience. I am sure that too will be professional and superb. Don't forget about me and my amatuer hour please! So, quite without planning it, my sister and I are pitted against each other. This is a fact: you will never find two more competitive spirits than my sister and myself. Now everytime I want to be weak, I will just have to think of K. and her personal trainer and the fact that half of Oklahoma is watching her....and just pass up the temptation facing me. Let the game begin!

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