Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheaters Never Win

The chief cause of stress is reality!
Well Sunday I did not have a good diet day.  I was doing good through lunch.  I took moderate portions and did not go back for any seconds.  Then shortly after lunch I ate a roll that was left- over.  DURING lunch I had passed on the rolls.  (I know you're asking why I even made rolls.  I am wondering that too!).....Then from the roll I just went down hill.  I was ROLLing downhill in fact.  I was ROLLing downhill and gathering steam.   By evening I just decided since I had shot the day I might as well keep cheating.  (Where in the heck is the logic in that?)  BUT this is what I did discover:  On Monday I was starving all day.  I was back to my sensible diet and eating moderately and low-cal, but I was still starting.  (Even though my sense of logic is clearly askew) I figured out that I am starving because I cheated.  I went off my path on which I had been doing so well and ate lots of starches and carbs.  Then the next day nothing could satisfy me.  My body was obviously trying to tell me it wanted the starches and carbs again.  So today (as well as yesterday) I am still trying to convince my body, brain and psyche that I can survive on the moderate portions and low calories.  I guess that is what I get for cheating.  It is like starting over again!  But I am back on the wagon and trying again.  I am still anxious to get out and begin walking.  I think that would make me happier AND healthier.  I know I have been griping and moaning about the weather.  All of the bad weather really does affect my mood.   Then when I am in a terrible mood I eat to relieve my stress.  But I have decided that if it were July and I was at the pool everyday and loving life, I would probably eat because I was so happy!  I look for excuses to eat and I have to quit blaming the weather for my weak will. So here I am, tired and craving chocolate, but prepared to do whatever I need to lose the lard

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