Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Why do I say 'one woman's battle to lose the LARD' instead of 'one woman's battle to lose the FAT' or 'one woman's battle to get skinny'? That's easy. LARD sounds disgusting. LARD is disgusting. Fat is somewhat acceptable. Getting skinny is very vogue. Trying to lose LARD is a gross thought. It has negative connotations. The idea of LARD being part of the body is disgusting. When you think of LARD you think of a big glob or gross fat. That is what being overweight is. So if I tell myself I am going to lose LARD, it puts a gross image in my mind and I DO want to get rid of it. If I think I want to lose the fat, then I psyche myself out that being 'fat' is not really that bad. If I think I want to get skinny, then I am just fooling myself completely. So, I want to lose the LARD.

LARD= Large And Round Dieter
LARD= Loose Ample Roly Dough (a/k/a my flesh!)
LARD= Love All Remarkable Desserts (sadly, I love ANY dessert, but I needed a 'D' word!)
LARD= Lucious and Ravishing Diva (someday I hope)

From Sarah:
LARD= Ladies Are Reducing Dimples (and that doesn't mean in their smile!)

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